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.99c Novels SALE on ALL e-books…

Because I’m an OK guy, my e-book titles will be ON SALE starting today Monday 8th Feb, 2016, for a measly .99c$… (time and date of SALE END is a secret 😉

For this act of *kindleness*, I’d appreciate a review at Amazon/Goodreads or wherever you think matters…

So long for now.




Man Cave (AKA Writing Room)

My new writing room (AKA Man Cave) is almost a real cave and perfect for me as I am almost a real man. My new writing space is almost a real cave being a 2×2 meter subterranean room two floors below my house in the ground…no Wi-Fi or phone coverage…0 distraction…a darkness like no other when I switch out the light. But you know what, it is the room with no view that gives the greatest view from the mind’s eye.