To the Brink of Madness and Back Again…

Keeping in tune with the title for this particular blog entry, I recently travelled to the brink of madness and back whilst trying to pen 3 novels simultaneously.
Ironically, the result was a serious lack of direction and a certain sense of identity loss as the three books are quite different in tone. The identity loss in question extended as far as the mirror where I questioned who the person was shaving my beard.
To cut a long story short, pardon the pun, I took some time out (a few hours) and I’ve decided to stick at what I do best and that is fiction with a tendency towards ‘the absurd and the eccentric…’
Henceforth, I will be solely focusing on ‘Queen B’ because Betty Beasley, Bitch Boss from Hell, is crying out for her moment in the sun.
Till we meet again,


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