‘From the Stars’ excerpt

From the Stars

Part 2

Chapter 9

Birthday Headaches

It was the night before Halloween. Seven Halloween nights had come and gone since Bill had rescued the child from…and it was here where his mind blocked out what he had witnessed that night; the individuals crouching around the child in his jeep headlights, on the side of the mountain. To this day, Bill didn’t know what or who they were. But the nightmares, that still occasionally crept up on him, told him that they were people, just like himself, but something much darker and rotting, lurking inside those silly Halloween latex costumes. The more Bill thought about that, the more perverse it seemed. He couldn’t put it into words, didn’t want to. But there was something about it – that genuine real-time evil prowling inside a fun-scary Halloween costume. It gave Bill the heebie-jeebies. It was something he tried not to think about, but the more he tried, the more he struggled to erase the encounter from his memory.”



Part 2 ‘From the Stars’

Yesterday I got underway with Part 2 of From the Stars. I’m going at a slower pace than any other book because this book is taking the most brain (what brain?) power 🙂 I have written and re-written part 1 and edited it twice. I normally don’t do this but it has allowed me to flesh out things even better and see things on a larger scale. It has paid off and everything is clearer now (famous last words).