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Would you like to dedicate your name to one of the characters in my upcoming novel Rainbow Rebels? Get in touch. If it fits the world of the book I’ll give you your own cameo (your name at least).…


All my ebooks @ .99c this weekend. Deal of the century.

Proofreaders Wanted!


In a few months from now I will be seeking out eagle-eyed readers and proofreaders to proofread my new manuscript for my next book ‘Rainbow Rebels’. I cannot pay but you would receive an acknowledgement in the book and have a free read (I almost put ‘free weed’ here, bloody voice to text, ahem) plus be part of the publishing experience. Get in touch directly with me here @ This is going to be a work of passion as there is work involved finding typos. Please don’t expect anything in return accept my sincere gratitude.

Just to reiterate that there will be no free weed.