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I’m leaving my ebooks @ ’99c for the foreseeable future as a thank you to everyone who has been supportive of me and my stories.

Thank you!

Jonathan Dunne 


Spare a thought for Alicia today 21st November.

Alicia Briones is a friend, 32, from San Francisco. She has helped me prepare my last few novels before publishing them. While I was pestering Alicia to hurry with her edits on my books she was suffering – and still is – from aggressive cancer. I never knew anything until a fortinght ago. She never said anything and never complained. Alicia helps raise money for homeless kids. What an incredible person!

Today Monday 21st Nov Alicia is having major surgery (she basically explained it as life or death) and may be diagnosed ‘terminal’ if this op doesn’t work.

Please, PLEASE send your good thoughts/prayers/zen/reiki/whatever you can muster up to Alicia Briones in San Francisco.