New Novel ‘Queen B’ Spring 2017

I’m happy happy happy to announce that I will be publishing a new novel ‘Queen B’ (120,000 word black comedy) in Spring, 2017 after ‘Lighthouse Jive’ coming in November 2016. I originally wrote this novel before Balloon Animals (2012) but shelved it because Balloon Animals was yelling stronger at the time. Now Queen B is about to finally get her moment on her throne.

Betty Beasley, A.K.A Queen B, is a raving, self-delusional bitch-boss from Hell who suffers from major delusions of grandeur. Queen B is the toilet facilities supervisor at a major Airport. Nobody is more dedicated to the smooth flow of human effluent than Queen B.
Queen B makes the mistake of sacking a Hungarian cleaner who happens to dabble in black magic and plays with voodoo dolls at the weekend.
Jokingly, Queen B chucks a fifty cent down her en-suite toilet the same day she sacks the forgotten Hungarian cleaner/voodoo witch-doctor and makes three wishes:
1. Wish to meet a man.
2. Wish Dada wakes up from his two-year coma.
3. Wish to have one last chat with deceased Mama.
Queen B’s wishes come true but not how she had planned…



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