Newspaper ‘Limerick Leader’ Article about me and my books.

If you’re interested in knowing a little more about me, here’s an article about me in today’s Limerick Leader newspaper which is the main newspaper in Limerick County in Ireland…Newspaper Article from Ireland about Yours Truly


Hearts Anonymous Last Page

I have just added ‘Happy Ever After’ and ‘The End’ to the last page of HA in Porto,  Portugal. I have been mulling it over while here in Oporto and have decided to ditch the last chapter and have finished with the 2nd last chapter. The supposed last chapter was really an epilogue and sometimes things are better left unsaid.

Now, 1 more read-through before handing it over to my proofreaders.

Hearts Anonymous 3rd Draft

Finished 3rd draft of HA today. I’ve deliberated over the final chapters for a while. I’ve opted for a cryptic, open-ended finale as I feel it suits the overall story. I like the idea of my characters living on in readers’ imaginations through the various theories. As with my other books, HA will finish with a degree of closure, but some elements will be left to the imagination.