‘Hearts’ 2nd Draft complete next week…

The second draft of ‘hearts anonymous’ is probably one week from  finishing. Then I will begin the third and final draft of the book and hopefully  everything will come together by mid to late April.

For me the writing of the book comes in three parts.

Part one: getting the ideas down on paper and forming the foundation and scaffolding for the novel.

The second part is refining and adding and honing the first draft. Second draft is about giving the book it’s voice and those Little idiosyncrasies and  subtleties  which gives it its uniqueness.The second draft is also about filling in gaps and adding ideas  i’ve put aside and laid away from the first draft. Also the chronology of the story is very important here.… Dates and times have to be correct which are often overlooked on my behalf


The third and final part is the polishing draft where it seems to be a continuation on the second draft but making each word, each line, each chapter as good as I can possibly make them.


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