2016 ‘Untitled’ Novel Inspiration

My new novel has been inspired by the following in no particular order…

Number 1.  Not so long ago, my little girl Chloe, four years old, ran across the street and was just inches from being knocked down by a car. I almost lost my life as she almost did. I panicked, raw fear. I asked myself how I would live with myself if anything happened to her and the thoughts of the time-machine did enter my head…

This horrible morning provided the spark for my new novel in 2016 ‘untitled’.

Number 2. I have a grandfather clock dated 1782 and if you look into the face long enough you will begin to see the past. I also have a wood carved antique table. It is laden with folkloric  and mythical  beasts, dragons, fauns, and beautiful sirens.

Mix all of this up with a heart transplant and a doomed roller coaster ride and you’ve got your novel.

oh, and love…


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