Do YOU (your name at least) want to be in my next novel?

If you fancy seeing yourself (your name at least) as a secondary character in my next book in 2016, then let me know and I will try and fit you in. ONLY if the name fits the time and place of the novel. I’m also looking for one or two German names. BEWARE, it’s going to be the guts of a year before the book is complete.

***update*** I now have all the German names that I need thanks to a German girl, Adele, who I recently met.

But if you fancy seeing your name in my next book then get in touch and I will have a look and see.



14 thoughts on “Do YOU (your name at least) want to be in my next novel?

  1. I’d like to submit not my own name, but a roller derby name I thought of a few years ago: Damsel Distress

    • Hi, I think it probably won’t fit this particular story. But you never know… I will let you know if I find a place for it. i’m not ruling it out but don’t hold your breath. I once visited India and I have a story that I would like to put on paper and perhaps then your name will fit the bill perfectly.

  2. This is awesome that you are doing this! Very creative way for finding new character names. Love it. Molly isn’t a German name or very unique, but let us know when the book comes out. Great way to allow readers to be a part of your book, if only in one reader’s mind! 🙂

    • Molly, I’m also looking for names where the majority of the book takes place – Ireland, so it’s your permission, I could use a Molly somewhere in there. ‘Molly’ would be a secondary character so you’d have to keep your eyes peeled for your cameo. I don’t want unique names because they detract too much.

      • I recently read a book that included a name in which I could not even begin to pronounce, so I would completely agree that too unique is not always a good thing! Well, I would adore reading a great book while also hunting for my not-so-unique(in a good way) name.

  3. Molly, your name is just about right for my neck o the woods – it’s not Mary, it’s Molly and that sticks out just enough as a name to remember but not obscure enough to second-guess.
    Take care!

    • Amira, I like your name but it’s not a good fit for this particular novel. I’m looking for something that fits into an Irish novel or German. ‘Amira’ But thanks! If I base a book in your country, then I WILL think about it.

  4. What a lovely idea! Not certain my name has any German connections, but the family nickname (from the old country – Ukraine) that is usually applied to any “Katherine” in the family is/was “Kusha”.

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