An epiphany of sorts.

I have always wanted to write a tale of fantasy for the YA market (Young Adult) because a part of me lives in this world. I have tried on a few occasions to pen a gripping tale of fantasy, but it never gelled. It felt false and hackneyed and I like to think I write original stories. However, I’ve had a tiny epiphany and realize that I can write a modern-day, contemporary story (like my other books), but with a Gothic fairy-tale inside it. My new book will be for adults and the young-at-heart. I have begun to work on this new untitled novel and I’m loving the atmosphere of the book and how the seemingly impossible becomes possible ( a theme that runs through my books) and now that I think about it, my previous novels do have an element of the fantastic.  I LOVE how fantasy, reality, and fiction melt into one. A book should take its Reader to another place where anything is possible, a dreamlike world.

Let’s see where this takes us.


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