Do YOU (your name at least) want to be in my next novel?

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If you fancy seeing yourself (your name at least) as a secondary character in my next book in 2016, then let me know and I will try and fit you in. ONLY if the name fits the time and place of the novel. I’m also looking for one or two German names. BEWARE, it’s going to be the guts of a year before the book is complete.

***update*** I now have all the German names that I need thanks to a German girl, Adele, who I recently met.

But if you fancy seeing your name in my next book then get in touch and I will have a look and see.

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5* LDL from Barbara @ Goodreads

Thanks Barbara for keeping an open mind on Living Dead Lovers. I love it dearly, but you’re right, it isn’t for everybody.

What? Yes, more giveaways.

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