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Man Cave (AKA Writing Room)

My new writing room (AKA Man Cave) is almost a real cave and perfect for me as I am almost a real man. My new writing space is almost a real cave being a 2×2 meter subterranean room two floors below my house in the ground…no Wi-Fi or phone coverage…0 distraction…a darkness like no other when I switch out the light. But you know what, it is the room with no view that gives the greatest view from the mind’s eye.

Giveaways ‘n Stuff

Apart from the giveaways mentioned below I also run permanent giveaways at goodreads for my paperbacks. Best of luck…don’t look down on your way up…

LibraryThing ebook ‘Hide the Elephant’ giveaway @

My blog SIGNED ‘Hide the Elephant’ paperback giveaway @ https://jonathanwdunne.wordpress.com/2015/10/23/giveaway-1-paperback-of-hide-the-elephant-to-the-100th-person-who-tells-me-the-name-of-the-fictitious-town-where-all-my-novels-take-place/

Giveaway!! 1 SIGNED paperback of ‘Hide the Elephant’ to the 100th person who tells me the name of the fictitious town where ALL my novels take place.

The 100th person to tell me the name of the fictitious town where all my novels take place receives a signed copy of my latest novel ‘Hide the Elephant’. Post your answer here along with a valid email address. NO physical addresses.

P.S. No entries will be visible until this thing finishes (if it ever finishes). Seeing the entries as they come in would take the fun out of it PLUS it’s easy to count to 100 (for most of us). BOTTOM LINE: It is impossible to know what number entry you are as I will approve all entries when we reach the 100th entry.

P.P.S. I dont know how long this will take, maybe a week or a year, it’s my first time running a giveaway on my blog. Rest assured, once that 100th person has answered, the book will be in the post. I’m fair and impartial and the 100th answer WINS immaterial of who you are! It’s gotta be fair, right?

Good luck,


Tanx to all those who have helped with HTE…

Big thanks to all of those who have helped in any way with Hide the Elephant. Now, it’s out there and must learn to walk and find its way into your home. I will rest until the next big idea comes my way (if nothing comes, I’ll write anyway).