Denmark, Sweden, and Edinburgh…

I have just returned from a few weeks touring Copenhagen, a little of Sweden, and Edinburgh, Scotland. As usual, I brought some form of computer with me so I could work (because I feel at odds with the world if I dont) . I worked on ‘Hide the Elephant’ during the early mornings before my daughters got up and all hell broke loose. I got some writing done in Copenhagen, and made great friends, but the creative juices really flowed in Edinburgh. I love that special place and will return. It inspires in many ways. Later, when I am re-writing ‘Hide the Elephant’ I know I will be transported back to those early mornings, looking out my apartment widow at Tron Kirk, just off the Royal Mile, watching the rising sun on Tron’s clock. Good memories have been engrained into my new book. Fond memories.

TRIVIA!!! There is one scene in Hide the Elephant where somebody in a pub is singing Kumbaya My Lord… Right at that moment, at 7am in the morning in Hunter Square where I stayed (above Starbucks), a drunken loudmouth was singing this very song to anybody who would listen, including lamp posts and trees. So I slipped it into the scene of the book in that very moment. Thanks to you, the anonymous drunken singer who didn’t have a note in his head, but had great heart.


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