4* Living Dead Lovers @ Goodreads…

“This has been a first-reads book and I’m going to be open here…my previous experience with the other first-reads has made me somewhat cautious in terms of expectations, but I have to say…this one exceeded them.

The plot of the book is unusual in itself – it’s the autobiography (pseudo of course) of a half-gypsy teenage girl, able to contact the dead. This is pretty unconventional if you ask me, which is why I got into the giveaway in the first place. But if a book doesn’t have the supporting material, the talent needed, no matter the promising premise, then it’s nothing but a house of cards. What made this book stand out from the rest is that it has an anarchic logic from beginning to end. The element of tragicomedy is always there. The heroine deals with the weirdness in her life with a sense of humour that doesn’t seem out of place, but on the contrary, it is the factor that makes her a strong character and elevates her in our eyes. Because the book focuses on three main characters (the girl and her parents), the author has had the freedom to develop them to their fullest extent for 354 pages. I had the luck to read a complete psychogram of the heroes, which is rare in most books. Unconventionality also exists in that it uses a straightforward narration, a sort of “conversation” with the reader. If I am to use a term, I would say that it is the cinematic equivalent to “breaking the fourth wall”. It addresses the reader as if they were there…..a wink to them to acknowledge them and make them part of the story so as to make them relate to the heroine better. My sole “complain” has been the ending which I thought was somewhat rushed, always contrasting it to what has preceded it. And that’s why I decided to give it four stars instead of five.

All in all, I recommend the book to everyone who’s not “afraid” to get out of their comfort zone, reading something that is not classically written in form. I trust that you’ll find it quite enjoyable. I know I did.”