The Nobody Show synopsis…

The Nobody Show is an accident waiting to happen…

Old Castle (population 666 … 665 … 664) is a town ravaged by unemployment. The magic is gone and the economy is in the gutter but newest dole statistic, Arthur Lawless, has a dream…

Despite reality, Arthur wants to chase down his childhood dream and build his own circus. He makes it his mission to put on the Greatest Show on Earth – Old Castle’s slice of Earth, at least.

Arthur soon finds out that there’s a lot more to running a circus than just having a popcorn machine, like performers and acts.

But sometimes the best acts in the world are in your own back-yard…

Arthur discovers this when a car-crash ceremoniously brings together his future performers – a bunch of nobodies who want to be somebodies.

But doesn’t Arthur Lawless know that show-biz is just one big lie?

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