An LDL 4* Goodreads review from my kinda Reader in the US.


I want to be someone’s Cabbage. The story behind her name alone is one of the most interesting I have read in a long time. Our poor little gypsy girl with her wacky parents, bound to be a victim to quirky DNA. Valentina ‘Cabbage’ Moone begins her life mute to the world by default, not realizing her parents don’t have the gift to communicate through their minds. Clairvoyance passed by her wild, controlling gypsy mother and burrowed into her soul instead. Her father is a romantic with fairy floss in his head, and apt to weep before standing up to his demanding, often mean-spirited but sexy wife.
Readers meet an angel named Mr. Brick Shithouse that becomes her confidant, even when she is tossed in the nuthouse. Cabbage has a real flame, Marty Magma Molloy, deceased race-care driver, certified Lothario who wants to woo her into his death bed so their love can be the eternal sort.
From the start when her parents fall in love, the reader knows this is not an ordinary story by any means. This is one of the most unusual books I have ever read. Jonathan Dunne’s jocularity is a gift that never waned in Living Dead Lovers, and certainly humor isn’t an easy beast to guide. I am going to push this one on my friends, because I hang out with people as weird as myself who will get this. It is a hard story to review because the characters are vibrant and they will make you want to jump in and smack them, or hold them up and say ‘damn it man, grow a backbone!” While Nicky, Cabbage’s mother, is selfish and vain one cannot imagine the story being as wonderful without her.
Jump in the caravan and join this wacky little family.


4* from Lolly in North Carolina @ Goodreads for Living dead Lovers

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Balloon Animals 4* from Noelle in Canada…

“This book was really good. It was funny and a real road trip of fun! It’s an excellent book to read if you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud adventure! I was cracking up the whole way through! The story was great with memorable characters and the humour was amazingly good! A must-read!”