4* for Balloon Animals from Anna in New York



5* Amazon review Living Dead Lovers

“When I read the 1st book from Jonathan Dunne, Balloon Animals, it was a ‘blind reading’ if theres such a thing as I really didnt know if his style of writing would appeal to me. I LOVED it & was so glad I’d discovered such a refreshing & daring writer. When I found out about his new work Living Dead Lovers, I had to wait to read it as I was in the middle of another book & didn’t want an overlap. It was worth the wait!!! This is not an author for the faint-hearted or indeed, the Barbara Cartland devotees. Jonathon takes you on such a crazy journey in his books, twists & turns & quirky characters & a little bit risque!!! Super entertaining & thats why I read a book after all, I want to be entertained & Jonathon delivers in buckets.”