4* for Balloon Animals from Anna in New York



5* Amazon review Living Dead Lovers

“When I read the 1st book from Jonathan Dunne, Balloon Animals, it was a ‘blind reading’ if theres such a thing as I really didnt know if his style of writing would appeal to me. I LOVED it & was so glad I’d discovered such a refreshing & daring writer. When I found out about his new work Living Dead Lovers, I had to wait to read it as I was in the middle of another book & didn’t want an overlap. It was worth the wait!!! This is not an author for the faint-hearted or indeed, the Barbara Cartland devotees. Jonathon takes you on such a crazy journey in his books, twists & turns & quirky characters & a little bit risque!!! Super entertaining & thats why I read a book after all, I want to be entertained & Jonathon delivers in buckets.”


Thanks to all who took part in my giveaway at Goodreads and to those who added my books to their crowded bookshelves.


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Thanks to all those who have had anything to do with my books over the last 14 days during my giveaway. Running another giveaway in coming hours…worldwide this time, yes sir.



Thanks to all who have added my books on Goodreads and signed up for my double signed-copy giveaway. I guess you have room on your bookshelf for my ‘black sheep’ after all.


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My books now at their lowest prices in kindle paperback   – I’ve got to have a little dignity but you’ve got be entertained for a few hours. It’s a win-win…


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6 signed copies of Balloon Animals and Living Dead Lovers at my page on Goodreads. Follow the link if interested…https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6546212.Jonathan_Dunne