Thanks Faith in Australia – 4* for Balloon Animals


the Tooth Fairy

My 7 yr-old had 2 baby teeth pulled today cos they weren’t inclined to budge. Great gap-toothed excitement all round until she lost one of them on the half-mile stretch of street back home. Nationwide panic set in and even the tooth-fairy was concerned. To have no regrets in later life, I told her that we’d trace our steps and look for a tooth no bigger than the head of a match: ‘At least we tried…’ kindve a thing. But would you believe it, we found the tooth!! Made my day. Who says there aren’t unseen forces O_O

Living Dead Lovers bookcover!

Living Dead Lovers bookcover!

Finished the cover artwork thanks to input from photographer/magician Kevin Panacchia and Ruth Perez (my good wife) so all I need to do now is finish the damn novel but it doesn’t want to end…just like my main character doesn’t want to end (you’ll understand when you read the book) O_O