Thanks Faith in Australia – 4* for Balloon Animals


Balloon Animals review on Goodreads from John in Australia

“Theatre of the absurd but in the best possible way. Some cult characters that will forever remain.”          

the Tooth Fairy

My 7 yr-old had 2 baby teeth pulled today cos they weren’t inclined to budge. Great gap-toothed excitement all round until she lost one of them on the half-mile stretch of street back home. Nationwide panic set in and even the tooth-fairy was concerned. To have no regrets in later life, I told her that we’d trace our steps and look for a tooth no bigger than the head of a match: ‘At least we tried…’ kindve a thing. But would you believe it, we found the tooth!! Made my day. Who says there aren’t unseen forces O_O

Living Dead Lovers bookcover!

Living Dead Lovers bookcover!

Finished the cover artwork thanks to input from photographer/magician Kevin Panacchia and Ruth Perez (my good wife) so all I need to do now is finish the damn novel but it doesn’t want to end…just like my main character doesn’t want to end (you’ll understand when you read the book) O_O