5* Amazon review for Balloon Animals from Rob in Canada.

¬†“A stunning debut from a bright new voice in Irish fiction. Mr Dunnes’ novel takes you on a wild and at times surreal journey through his protagonists complicated family. A novel populated by memorable characters & a hero with a heart of gold, it is by turns hilarious & touching. An absolute gem that I would recommend to anyone, looking forward to the next novel.”
Thanks Rob!



As I write ‘quirky’ comedies, readers sometimes ask me if I have any odd writing rituals. One ritual is to ring my hotel reception bell twice before I begin writing. I’m checking into a world that I know but is oddly off-kilter. Hotels always strike me as home but not home – something familiar yet strange staying in hotels that are welcoming yet have seen so much life and where characters reside. Also, if I find myself wandering off I ring that bell which drags me back to that reception desk. Ding! Ding!

Living Dead Lovers…

Readers have been asking about the publication date of LDL as I previously hoped summer but now it’s been pushed back to autumn. Well, the characters have opened themselves up to me and allowed me to play with them (purely in a literary sense). It’s magic when you think you know a character but he/she shows you that you don’t. This means that they take on lives of their own.

Exclusive Living Dead Lovers bonus material included in Balloon Animals!

From this weekend (13-15 July) a world premiere excerpt of my upcoming novel Living Dead Lovers will be available as bonus material in Balloon Animals paperback and Kindle, B&N, iTunes, Kobo, Sony etc.