Living Dead Lovers coming this Summer!

She’s alive but he’s dead…

Living Dead Lovers follows the life and times of famed psychic-medium half-Romanian gypsy Nicolasia ‘Cabbage’ Moone, from her mute infancy trawling the roads of Europe to a fiery-tongued, hard-drinking, speed-loving clairvoyant with a complete disregard for human life, including her own of late…

Psychic medium Cabbage brings forth more than she can chew with a womanising dead racing-car driver, Marty ‘Magma’ Molloy, who doesn’t want to give up the chase.
Unfortunately, Cabbage has always possessed a sick fascination for deviants and perverts which she blames on her unconventional bohemian quasi-gypsy upbringing.

A twisted love-affair never meant to be ensues. Necrophilia: that’s what the sceptical call it. Romantics call it the yin-yang love between being and human being, light and oh so very dark.

Cabbage wishes to be with her dead lover but it’s not fair because she must take her own life, it’s not as if Marty ‘The Magma’ can come back to life – that wouldn’t be believable. However, a life-time of snooping around in the after-life and conjuring up old ghosts who never wanted to be conjured up has left Cabbage with a predicament: she isn’t allowed to die … she isn’t allowed to be with her other celestial half. The vengeful powers-that-be don’t want Cabbage the spirit-spy on their cloud because she’s spent a life-time hauling ghost-ass to the living. The motto of the Dead is: Don’t Call Us; We’ll Call you.

Cabbage resorts to suicide which becomes a morbidly sick failed pantomime. This is the most original right-to-die case the country has seen and all for the love of a man.

The impossible love story becomes a national scandal… And her guardian angel Mr. Brick Shithouse only makes matters more complicated.


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