New Book Cover for Balloon Animals by Kevin Panacchia. It captures everything, off-kilter reality and the vague promise at the end of the rainbow.



9 thoughts on “New Book Cover for Balloon Animals by Kevin Panacchia. It captures everything, off-kilter reality and the vague promise at the end of the rainbow.

  1. hello, is your book available in hard copy? i recommended it for book club but not all of us have a kindle? if so, where can i buy it?

    • Hi Chey,
      Thanks very much. Unfortunately, its not available in hard-copy (not unless it becomes mega popular). However, its also available for iPad, Nook, Sony, etc. Anyone with iPads? Its available for all digital platforms so maybe you can get around it? Some people have asked me the same about the hard-copy but they’re a handful and it wouldnt be worth my while yet. Its definitely on my agenda though.
      And thanks for recommending Balloon Animals. Do you like the cover?

      • yes, I love the new cover better than the old one! I love the the contemporary art vs. the old school standard looking art (for lack of better words right now)-it stands out-and I also love the use of colors! I am very excited to read your book…Many of the other book club members have kindles….I may be able to borrow one? If not, I’ll work it out somehow… We are having our book club meeting March 15th (i have time)…SO I will let the girls know that you personally responded to me! Thank you very much for the timely reply!

  2. Tell the girls I said ‘Hi’ and I hope you all enjoy the trip from Ireland to Iowa as much as I did writing it. I cannot look at a balloon these days without being back on the road with my characters. Let me know how it goes. Jon

    • I’m hosting it…do you mind if i contact you before, I think it is soo cool that I’m in touch with the author,~to ASK a couple of discussion questions? I am soo excited I’m going to have some Irish taste with food and drink as well that night…okay, I’ll stop talking so much! I will tell them all Hi! Thanks Again!!!!

      • Chey,
        Hi, I’m Jonathan Dunne. We spoke about my book back in January I think. I dont know what your plan is, if you still want to read my book, but just to let you know that my book will be available in paperback in April. I remember you asked me if it is available in paperback.
        Anyway, just a heads-up.

      • Hello Jonathan, sorry for my delay in replying….very cool about getting hard copies…my book club is in the process of reading…we all managed to get an electronic version….I only have about 10 girls in my book club and let me just tell you…everyone is enjoying your book…I mean all the girls can’t wait wait til March 15, that’s the night we are gathering …We are very excited to talk about this one…I can’t wait to give you more feedback-I honestly can’t wait to finish so I can ask you a few questions as well…Thanks for the follow up! I will be i touch!

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