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Stay tuned for my chat with DeVotchKa (Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack) Balloon Animals & Music

I listen to instrumental music mainly when I write because other words influence my words. DevotchKa have that special tragi-comic thing going on which makes perferct mood music to heighten the Balloon Animals experience. Tom Hagerman of DeVotchKa will swop words with me.

Mood Music for Balloon Animals

A few people have asked me if I listen to music when I write.

I normally listen to instrumental music. Lyrics tend to jarr with my own words on the page. However, DeVotchKa have got a special quality. Their music has got that special tragi-comic thing going on and ties nicely with Balloon Animals apart from being laregely instrumental. If you read Balloon Animals then why not switch on DeVotchka as background music as I did when writing.

New Goodreads 4* Review for Balloon Animals from Adrienne in New York

sly sarcastic wit with wonderful turns and twists and giggles. If you liked Confederacy of Dunces, Balloon Animals would certainly hit your giggle bone.
I really enjoyed his characters who so often say things I must remember to say myself one day so people will think me clever and witty.