From the Stars synopsis.

One cold crisp February night in 1997, forest ranger Bill Steward’s life is changed forever. And not only Bill’s life…

Bill is driving through his patch of Killarney national park when he finds a naked newborn baby boy in the middle of the woods. But that’s only half of what he sees, the other half must never be told. What Bill Steward witnesses with the little baby is a secret that he’s determined to take to his grave. A vision he tries to forget, but is faithfully reminded in his nightmares.

Just as Bill’s nightmares and memory of that February night begin to fade away, he is once again reminded why that night in February should never be forgotten.


Back from my Fugue State

As you gather from the title of the post, I’m back. I’ve been existing in a fugue state for some months now, about a year actually, trying to be someone else and writing that someone else’s novel. It didn’t work out. It was a fantasy novel that has died a slow death and my alter ego whose ego also died with the proposed novel.

I’ve wiped the slate clean and starting again, going back to what I know (check out my 6 novels, hmm). Apologies to those brave readers @ GR and Litsy who offered to proofread that doomed fantasy novel. My heart wasn’t in it. Anyway, I was living in a fugue, so there.

To cut a long story short, I’ll be back quite soon with a new work. It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but thankfully there are also a lot of coffee drinkers.

Stay tuned for details.