‘From the Stars’ update


From the Stars has become something very different from what it started out as and will definitely follow in the same footsteps as the rest of my books. This book started out as a go-to thriller, no more no less. But the little darkly comic demon, forever sitting on my shoulder, has been whispering in my ears (sometimes both ears at the same time, wow). From the Stars is going to be an enormous tome with multiple characters, and could very well be my magnum opus. The following adjectives might be used to describe it:
Darkly comic…Bizarre…Surreal…
The book will feature multiple characters in the secluded town of Old Castle, and how those characters deal with something that is coming to Old Castle. Nobody knows what that something is, but they can feel its heavy presence looming in the air…


A Taster of From the Stars…


The old lady, Mrs Downes, was also residing in this nightmare. She was standing over Bill who was lying on a gurney with his cranium surgically sawed open. The top section of his head with neatly brushed hair, lay on the gurney by his left ear, no different than a topped boiled egg for breakfast. The pallid, frail old woman was studying the soft pink tissue of his brain and the grey malformation peering from it. But Mrs Downes wasn’t alone; Ethan was there too, standing on his tippy-toes to get a look into Bill with morbid curiosity. They were gazing inside Bill’s head, unblinking with a sickening rictus smile. This smile of perversion gave Bill the chills and he was sure he felt his spine prickle as he slept. But there were others, just out of the nightmarish frame of vision; shapes moving in the shadows around Billy-on-a-gurney. There were five or six of them, but every time he turned to look, they would blur.

Is it a good sign when a writer frightens himself?

70,000 words in and still no sign of the end of ‘From the Stars’ (provisional title). But what I can confirm is that, while writing in my little underground bunker this very morning, I gave myself serious heebie-jeebie goosebumps as I crossed over that 70,000 word mark. I think this is a good sign?

Want to be immortalised in From the Stars?


Do you want to be immortalised (at least on paper) in my next book, From the Stars? Would you like to have a cameo as an ‘extra’? If so, tell me your name and I’ll see if I can get you in amongst the pages. This will be a character named after You. The name will have to fit the context of the book.


‘From the Stars’ excerpt

From the Stars

Part 2

Chapter 9

Birthday Headaches

It was the night before Halloween. Seven Halloween nights had come and gone since Bill had rescued the child from…and it was here where his mind blocked out what he had witnessed that night; the individuals crouching around the child in his jeep headlights, on the side of the mountain. To this day, Bill didn’t know what or who they were. But the nightmares, that still occasionally crept up on him, told him that they were people, just like himself, but something much darker and rotting, lurking inside those silly Halloween latex costumes. The more Bill thought about that, the more perverse it seemed. He couldn’t put it into words, didn’t want to. But there was something about it – that genuine real-time evil prowling inside a fun-scary Halloween costume. It gave Bill the heebie-jeebies. It was something he tried not to think about, but the more he tried, the more he struggled to erase the encounter from his memory.”


Part 2 ‘From the Stars’

Yesterday I got underway with Part 2 of From the Stars. I’m going at a slower pace than any other book because this book is taking the most brain (what brain?) power 🙂 I have written and re-written part 1 and edited it twice. I normally don’t do this but it has allowed me to flesh out things even better and see things on a larger scale. It has paid off and everything is clearer now (famous last words).