Transylvania’s Dracula 

​We are in Transylvania, and Transylvania is not England…and there shall be to you, many strange things.” – Bram Stoker, Dracula

I’m just back from Transylvania and we did see “strange things” but it wasn’t anything to do with Dracula. Yet, there’s an atmosphere there that is indescribable. Yeah, I’m a writer, so it shouldn’t be indescribable. The nearest I can come to is: ‘dark’…’special’…’secretive’…’scary’…’magical’… ‘alluring’…’gloomy’

I read Dracula as we snaked our way through the awe-inspiring Carpathian mountains and it really was as if I was Jonathan Harker on my way to madness…and we did see a little madness.

New Novel ‘Queen B’ Spring 2017

I’m happy happy happy to announce that I will be publishing a new novel ‘Queen B’ (120,000 word black comedy) in Spring, 2017 after ‘Lighthouse Jive’ coming in November 2016. I originally wrote this novel before Balloon Animals (2012) but shelved it because Balloon Animals was yelling stronger at the time. Now Queen B is about to finally get her moment on her throne.

Betty Beasley, A.K.A Queen B, is a raving, self-delusional bitch-boss from Hell who suffers from major delusions of grandeur. Queen B is the toilet facilities supervisor at a major Airport. Nobody is more dedicated to the smooth flow of human effluent than Queen B.
Queen B makes the mistake of sacking a Hungarian cleaner who happens to dabble in black magic and plays with voodoo dolls at the weekend.
Jokingly, Queen B chucks a fifty cent down her en-suite toilet the same day she sacks the forgotten Hungarian cleaner/voodoo witch-doctor and makes three wishes:
1. Wish to meet a man.
2. Wish Dada wakes up from his two-year coma.
3. Wish to have one last chat with deceased Mama.
Queen B’s wishes come true but not how she had planned…