2 new books coming in 2018! Adult & Young Adult.

Next year, I’ll have two new books coming out. One is a black comedy for adults ‘Betty’ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37313657-betty

And the 2nd book is YA fiction (title to be announced) which is inspired by my time in India, and the amazing people I met there. The book will be based in India, and will centre around the lives of a boy and girl who survive in difficult conditions, but laugh in the face of adversity. I personally met such kids in India. All I have is pure admiration for their strength of character. Those kids are the inspiration for this book. And I would like to dedicate the book to them, wherever they are.







Within the next few weeks, I’ll be looking for BETA READERS to read the first instalment of ‘Monsters Aboard!’ episode 1 of ‘A Benjamin Black Adventure’ Episode 1 consists of approx 45,000 words. YA Fantasy. If you fancy a FREE read of a yet-to-be unpublished novel…

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Get in touch HERE or @ jonathanwdunne@gmail.com




I like to involve readers in the process of creating a book. Soooooo…I’m seeking proof readers within the next few weeks to read through the 1st instalment of the Benjamin Black series. Each instalment will be novelette length, perhaps 12,000 words no more. No money will exchange hands, but you will get the opportunity to see a book in its early stages and be part of the process. Get in touch with a valid email. It would help that you are a fan of YA fantasy.

Get in touch here or my mail jonathanwdunne@gmail.com